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Davi Pontes &

Wallace Ferreira

Repertory N.2

Dates and time 
♦ Thursday 1/9 18.30

♦Saturday 3/9 17.00

♦Saturday 3/9 18.00 Talk with Andre Lepecki


Ticketlink to Kulturbiljetter

Fe Avila(1).jpg
Davi Wallace

Repertory N.2 is the second part of a choreographic experiment to think of dance as a practice of self-defense. Using deviant and informal techniques, we bet on an alternative, underground genealogy of self-defensive practices.  With these choreographies, we assume the commitment to think critically about the world we live in, performing the operation of choreographing between imagination and intuition, trying to free thought from the tools of understanding.

NOTE: A talk will be followed after the second performance on Saturday of Repertory N.2 will be a talk between Davi Pontes, Wallace ferreira and independent curator André Lepecki.

Davi Pontes (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,1990)

Artist, choreographer and researcher. Graduated in Arts at Universidade Federal Fluminense and Master’s student in the Postgraduate Program in Arts (Contemporary Studies of the Arts) at the same institution. He studied at the ESMAE Superior School of Music and Arts (Porto, Portugal). Since 2016 he has presented his work in art galleries and festivals, especially at the University of Pennsylvania (USA), Pivô (São Paulo), CLACS - New York University, 5° Itaú Cultural Dance Show, Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon), Rua das Gaivotas 6 (Porto), Bienal Sesc de Dança, MITsp - Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo, Les Urbaines festival (Switzerland), Galeria Vermelho (São Paulo), Valongo Festival Internacional da Imagem (São Paulo), Programa Rumos Itaú Cultural 2021, Panorama Festival (Rio de Janeiro), Artfizz - HOA Gallery (USA) and resident at Pivô Arte Research Program, MAM Rio Arts Research Residency Program and Escola Livre de Artes - ELÃ among others. From a corporal research, their practice carries the constant challenge of positioning choreography and raciality to respond to the onto-epistemological conditions of modern thought, and have as main project to analyze the conjunctures in which violence is being practiced in the global present.


Wallace Ferreira (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1993)

Dance artist, performer, visual artist born and raised in Vigário Geral, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. He studies Dance at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), building strategies and choreographing actions to escape representations. Through undisciplinary practices, his creations cause accidents in the languages of dance, theater, performance and the visual arts, investing in the perception of himself as a possible path of muscular dreams. Through other perspectives, new visions of the self. Driven by the challenges of tensioning the present, since 2018 she has presented her works in art galleries, national and international festivals such as Tanya Bonakdar Gallery (NY), Festival Panorama, ArtRio, Lateral Roma, HOA ART, Artfizz, Galeria Jaqueline Martins. Among her most recent works, the “Repertório” trilogy in partnership with the artist Davi Pontes stands out, who was at the VERBO exhibition of the Vermelho gallery, Valongo International Image Festival, Anita schwartz art gallery, Frestas - Arts Triennale 2020/21. He directed the film Delirar o Racial in partnership with the artist Davi Pontes, a work commissioned by the Pivô Satellite Program, 2021.

André Lepecki is an essayist and independent curator based in New York City. Full Professor and Chairperson at the Department of Performance Studies at New York University. PhD from New York University. Editor of several anthologies on dance and performance theory. He has curated festivals and projects for HKW-Berlin, MoMA-Warsaw, MoMA PS1, the Hayward Gallery, Haus der Künst-Munich, Sydney Biennial 2016, among others. Editor of several anthologies on performance and dance theory, and author of Exhausting Dance: performance and the politics of movement (2006, published in thirteen languages), and of Singularities: dance in the age of performance (2016). In 2008 he received the Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art (USA Section) award for “Best Performance" for co-curating and directing the authorized redoing of Allan Kaprow’s 18 Happenings in 6 Parts (a commission of Haus der Kunst 2006, performed at PERFORMA 07).

MWF Talks
Kat Nat

Kat & Nat

falling into a black hole

Dates and time 

♦ Saturday 3/9 15:00


No ticket needed, it is an informal showing, welcome!


In the swift approach to the unsettling unknown, we’re trying  to find levitating havens, hoping to embody our possible worlds. Fumbling for the event horizon in the collapsing darkness, we try to regain the sensitivity of our bodies and the landscape around us. Encountering our fragility with an unknown future at speeds of inaccessible limits, our bodies reveal to us desirable worlds.


We want to rethink the space of the festival as a possibility to explore which practices give us the nourishment and support not to crash on the rocks of the demonic challenges of our time. At the end of our stay at the festival we will present a performance in the format of a work-in-progress, where the presence of kitchen alchemy is likely possible.

Note from MWF: 

We started a dialogue with two Russian artists in late 2021, as a way to discuss the coming

Swedish elections, and how artists operate under censorship and the way opportunities are

formed within limitations. After the war on Russia, we, together with the two invited artists

are all condemning the war Russia has on Ukraine and other countries under threat, and

through this curation we are not choosing sides, but building a critical standpoint.


🪨Kat is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher, curator, performer based in

Moscow, Russia. Drawing on her background in this field, she explores the phenomena of

“movement” and “body” in her artistic practice. Studying for a master's degree “Sound Art &

Sonic Studies” has expanded the range of her professional media, she is also engaged in

sonic research. As a curator, she makes projects aimed at strengthening and expanding the

live arts community. She creates own projects in Russia and abroad , collaborates, and also

participates in the works of local and foreign artists.


🐚Nat is a dance artist and performer from Moscow. Having her first degree obtained in visual art and graphic design, Natasha decided to switch to movement research, maintaining her interest in images, objects and irony. Lately her work centers around dealing with aggression and authocraty. She is investigating how contemporary art, insubordinate body and mind survive in a violent regime and what can be done to support the diversity.

Eve Stainton


Dates and time 

♦ Thursday 1/9 20.00

♦ Friday 2/9 20.30



Ticketlink to Kulturbiljetter

Dykegeist_Eve Stainton_ICA_Photo credit © Anne Tetzlaff_DSC5959.jpg

My Wild Flag presents Dykegeist, a new choreographic work from Manchester-born London- based artist Eve Stainton. With a sound world conceived and performed by musician Mica Levi.


Dykegeist is interested in unravelling and complicating the archetypal narratives assigned to the lesbian predator creature. During the live event, aesthetics shift between a supernatural gothic thriller, a 90’s sci-fi spider lair, a haunted Manchester club scene, an abstract horror-scape, gateways gravel grunge, a social situation to discuss threat/ the phobic/ consent, emptiness and charged-ness.


Stainton understands the audience as active and contributing to what will become the world of Dykegeist – in flux and dependent on what/ who is in the room. The audience is asked to transition through different modes of presence: participant, onlooker, listener, collaborator, consensual prey. Extra attention and care will be given to make it comfortable to decline any invitation offered. 

This research has brought Stainton back into connection with Manchester’s club scene and their affinity with Speed Garage sounds, originating in African American soul and exploding in the North of England in the 90’s. These sounds, spaces, dances became formative to Stainton’s understanding of the power of the queer somatic encounter and subversive necessity.

Continuing their formal concerns with clashing and co-occurrence, Stainton has created new collage pieces and welded steel sculptures that load, charge and occupy the moment.

🕷Eve Stainton is an artist interested in the politics of uncodeable queer presence and its intersections with race and class. They create multi-disciplinary performance worlds that hold movement practices, digital collage, welded steel, and other invisible forces like waves/imagination/drama, often psychedelic and clashing. Stainton is interested in co-occurence as a way to unravel essentialist thinking, with intent to create more expansive understandings of the lesbian identity, non-gender/variance, and perceptions of the ‘real’.


Concept, choreography, performance: Eve Stainton 

Sound world: Mica Levi 

Digital collage and steel sculptures: Eve Stainton

Producer: Michael Kitchin 

Costume: Sophie Donaldson 

3D typography: Pauline Canavesio aka BORA 

Dramaturgical support: Jamila Johnson-Small & Zara Truss-Giles

Photo credit: Anne Tetzlaff 


Supported and commissioned by ICA, The Place, South East Dance and Metal. Supported using public funds from Arts Council England. 

With thanks to London Sculpture Workshop, and Sara Sassanelli and Florence Peake for creative conversations

Louis Schou Hansen & Karoline Bakken Lund
Louis Karoline

Louis Schou Hansen & 

Karoline Bakken Lund


Dates and time 

Friday 2/9 19.00

Saturday 3/9 20.00


Ticketlink to Kulturbiljetter


Afterlife is an alternative history, a site for speculation and ambiguous interpretations of a renaissance that never really happened. The work flirts with the idea of the death of classical ballet, while leaning into subtle irrationalities and dark humor. Afterlife revisits the origins of the ballet at the Renaissance. A time when the genre was mostly made out of folk dances for white aristocracies, and where a history of violence began to take course. By playing with counterfactual fantasies and “what if” questions, Afterlife breaks into, and re-imagines the foundations of the classical ballet and its possible other futures. Three performers explore reconstructions and the absurd symbolic gestures of original dances from the late renaissance. They seek to alter oppressive narratives, they look for common grounds and aim to infiltrate a history that never belonged to them.



Concept/project direction 

Louis Schou-Hansen


Costume and sculptural work 

Karoline Bakken Lund


Co-making performers

Hawa Janlo (jumping in for Amie Mbye), Georgiana Dobre and Elise Nohr Nystad



Petra Skibsted / Peachlyfe


Artistic Advisor

Sebastian De Line


Reconstruction of renaissance dances

Elizabeth Svarstad



Chai Saeidi



Josh Lake


Funded by

Arts Council Norway 

Fond For Lyd og Bilde 


Fritt Ord


Co. Producers

Black Box Teater Oslo  

Mimosa Studio 

Palmera Bergen

🐬Louis Schou-Hansen It/They (b. 1992, DK) is a dancer and choreographer currently based in Oslo. It holds a BA in dance from Oslo National Academy of the Arts and will from 2022 be working on its MA at the Dutch Art Institute. Its practice floats between making, performing and other social events. Lately, its interests revolve around counterfactual/speculative history and its projects are usually developed through a lens of queer and trans-feminist theory and practice. In 2020, Louis was nominated for the Norwegian Critics Prize together with Harald Beharie for their piece Shine Utopians. 

Its work has been presented at Copenhagen Contemporary, Black Box Theater Oslo, Club Kaiku (by PUBLICS) Helsinki, Dansens Hus Oslo, among others. Louis has performed for and collaborated with artists like Ingri Fiksdal, Runa Borch Skolseg, Janne Camilla Lyster and Ines Belli to name a few. Together with Harald Beharie, it is currently shortlisted for the Sandefjord Kunstforening Art Prize 2023.

🦋Karoline Bakken Lund is a trans-disciplined artist rooted in textile, found objects, and craftsmanship — mainly focused on sculptural work, scenography, and costumes in collaborative constellations. She works towards a transformation of hybrid sculptural works, where objects can be experienced as both installation, autonomous art works, props, clothing and undressed costumes - as part of a scenographic tableau with objects that are activated, amplified or misunderstood in different, absurd, and everyday performative scores.

Georgiana Dobre(b. 1989) is a Romanian dancer and choreographer who lives and works in Oslo. She holds a BA in Choreography from the University of Theater and Film in Bucharest. In June 2021 she completed her MA in Choreography at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo. Her recent work explores choreography applied in mediums such as performance and film, in which she portrays alternatives to anthropocentric perspectives. Through (eco)somatic practices that involve interactions with objects, landscapes, aquatic circulation of matter, she examines conditions that choreograph the human body, time and impermanence, the space of dissolution between culture and nature, and various forms of identity abandonment.


Hawa Janlo (b. 1997) is a dancer born and based in Oslo with roots in Gambia. She is a part of the dance collective B16 and has in addition to dancing, been working in theater and writing where she has collaborated with The Norwegian Theater and choreographer/director Zeze Kolstad. Hawa is a former student of the Nordic Black Theaters study program; Nordic Black Xpress and is now an active part of the environment around Subsdans in Oslo. She is often engaged as a teacher and mainly hosts workshops in Afro Fusion. Recently, Hawa has been dancing in projects by Ingri Fiksdal and Solveig Styve Holte. Hawa is replacing Amie Mbye for the performances at MWF 2022


Elise Nohr Nystad holds a BA in visual arts from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. With film, performance and costumes as mediums her work tends to center questions related to the human body, gender and identity, focusing on how this body relates to established behavioral norms. Underlying in her work is an interest in man-made structures explored from a feminist perspective, often portrayed in a humorous and satirical way. 




Dates and time 

Wednesday 31/8 21:00



Ticketlink to Kulturbiljetter

SPACE289xTENSTUDIOS marikiscrycrycry+aircode screen grab.jpg



GONER is a new solo work in development by London-based choreographer and artist Malik Nashad Sharpe that looks towards both quotidien and fantastical forms of horror as an experiential choreographic technology.

💦Malik Nashad Sharpe is an artist working with choreography. Creating primarily underneath the aliases Marikiscrycrycry and Dark Marik, he creates performances that are formally engaged with the construction of atmosphere, affect, and dramaturgy.

Marikiscrycrycry is presented in collaboration with MDT

His works have been presented internationally and across contexts including Battersea Arts Centre (UK), ICA (UK), Gessnerallee (CH), The Yard (UK), Betty Nansen (DK), The Place (UK), Schauspielhaus (AT), Kampnagel (DE), Dansehallerne (DK), MAI (CA), Theatre La Chapelle (CA), Rich Mix (UK), Tramway (UK), Theatre in the Mill (UK), Nottingham Contemporary (UK), Quarterhouse Folkestone (UK), Beursshcouwburg (BE), Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts (UK), Cambridge Junction (UK), EWerk (DE), Centre for Human Rights in the Arts (USA), CCA Glasgow (UK), amongst others. His newest work High Bed Lower Castle premiered at FTA (CA) in 2022. As a movement director, he has worked on the creative teams of Fairview (Young Vic), The Glow (Royal Court), Two-Character Play (Hampstead Theatre), Effigies of Wickedness (Gate/English National Opera), Scandaltown (Lyric Hammersmith), Closer (Lyric Hammersmith), Henry V (Shakespeare's Globe) and he has held artistic residencies at Sadlers Wells (UK), Barbican Open Labs (UK), Primary (UK), and CCN Caen (FR).


He has performed and modeled for Telfar SS18 (UK), Charles Jeffrey at LFW20 (UK), Vivienne Westwood at PFW AW21-22 (FR), and has been featured in publications including British Vogue, American Vogue, Vogue Polska, Dazed, Dazed Beauty, Crack Magazine, Howlround Theatre Commons, i-D, Nowness, Love Magazine, Bricks, amongst others. He was named by Attitude Magazine as a Rising Star in Dance in 2019, and on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for his leading contribution to the arts and culture in Europe.


He graduated with a BA in Dance (Highest Honours) from Williams College in 2014, and holds a Diploma in Contemporary Dance from Trinity Laban where he won the Simone Michelle Award for Outstanding Choreography. He is currently an Associate Artist at The Place, and a studio resident of Somerset House Studios. He lives in London, UK.

Morningclass & Workshop with Vendela Blackout, TBA and Tamara Alegre

Dates and time 

Morning class 10-11.30

Workshop 12-14.00


Tickets to morningclasses are bought at the desk single classes: 150 SEK, more info on:

Email Karina to secure a spot at the workshop


on sensuous embodiments with sound, vibrations, Perreo & Dancehall

Workshop info:
the workshop is linked to the Dancehall morning classes and should be viewed as such. participation in it is highly recommended and desirable, as Dancehall inspires some of the work that will be done in the workshop.
bring comfortable clothes that permits to shake the ass

Workshop description:
we will work with sound vibrations as a source and material to access embodiments, physical and mental states, fiction and dance. emphasis is on the areas around the sexual organs: hips, ass, belly and genitals. participants should be open and curious to work from a sensual ground. we will also work with techniques for ass shaking.
we will work with one of the choreographies from NX FUIMO, Tamara Alegre's latest work,  and practice and repeat steps and moves.


TamaraTamara Alegre works with dance and choreography in a field of research that revolves around sensual embodiments, fictions on sexuality and liminal physical states as choreographic tools. They have a growing passion for Dancehall and questions as a white person having access to black culture, how to make bridges and exchanges between Dancehall and their work. Being involved in collaborative exchanges is essential to their practice. Tamara studied European Business and Psychology and worked as programming underground music, DJ and tour manager until 2016. In 2018, they obtained an MA in Choreography at DOCH, Stockholm. She has previously danced for La Ribot and Mårten Spångberg, Nikima Jagudajev, Carlos María Romero and PRICE and is now a three-year artist in residence at Arsenic, Lausanne. Tamara just premiered NX FUIMO, the second work of the tryptic that started with FIEBRE.


VendelaVendela is one of the founders of the world-renowned dance group Blackout (Sweden). She gives dance classes, arrange dance events and gives the students opportunity to go to Jamaica, which she visits several times a year to keep herself updated in the dancehall scene. With her charisma and educational way to pass on her knowledge she has gained a lot of popularity and respectability from dancers worldwide.

Demar Martin otherwise know as Mardzz alliance is a co founder and member of “team motion wave” in the dancehall community and also a member of the dancehall dance association, Mardzz as we know is a dancehall dancer that teaches all levels of authentic dancehall, from Old School, Bogle Moves, Middle School and New School, Mardzz is a very down to earth and reliable person, but otherwise he’s very determine and a hard worker at any task given.


wicked enterprise


Dates and time 

Wednesday 31/8 19:00


Ticketlink to Kulturbiljetter


Cynical conservatism flavoured with the forces of inertia, censorship and dehumanisation is haunting the world leaving bloody stains with its necropolitics. In search of potential conditions for ontological and epistemological change, it’s crucial to examine its discursive tools, tricks and traps. Departing from Audre Lord’s statement that the Master's tools will never dismantle the Master's House, the piece is to investigate what the House is made of and what kind of tools may dismantle it?


wicked enterprise´s presentation will be followed by a talk with Masha Kotlyachkova. 

Note from MWF: 

We started a dialogue with two Russian artists in late 2021, as a way to discuss the coming

Swedish elections, and how artists operate under censorship and the way opportunities are

formed within limitations. After the war on Russia, we, together with the two invited artists

are all condemning the war Russia has on Ukraine and other countries under threat, and

through this curation we are not choosing sides, but building a critical standpoint.


wicked enterprise is an artist, researcher and writer. They work with text, video, choreography, performance and collaborative practices. Their lines of research include body politics and labour within the new economic regimes. Their most recent work looks into hegemonic ideologies permeating the post-soviet art field and how they affect resource distribution. Currently, they are interested in broadening the picture by exploring possible models of cultural politics and protocols that produce and sustain decolonial knowledge. They worked for socially engaged theatre and contemporary dance scene with a highlight on collaborative work. They are also a member and co-founder of a media activist collective dealing with labor politics in art and academia in post-soviet contexts.

Masha Kotlyachkova has worked at a number of institutions as well as independently on arts projects both as a curator and a producer in Austria, Sweden, Norway and Russia; she has a MA in Philosophy from Stockholm University and a MA in Art Management from Manchester University. She worked as curator at Pikene på Broen (Norway) before taking over producer's role at MDT Stockholm. Recent curated projects include CAMP AS ONE residency 2020 (Russia) and a series of research residencies that resulted in the festival Barents Spektakel 2021 (Norway). Masha is interested in working with curated residencies of a collective body, as a cure to current liquid capitalist modernity that wants us to be alone.

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