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My Wild Flag is an international dance and performance festival in Stockholm. Consisting of local and international acts and scenarios that propose contemporary choreographic and artistic work. Bringing communities together and joining in social choreographies as well as works devoted for the stage. 


Through the years the festival have compiled, matched and forced a mix of institutions, freelance artists and organisations, the list continuously grows. As one know, there is always so much more than what meets the surface: We are disturbed, concerned and engaged with our locality, a context we are part of building together as well as inviting international actis into. 


MWF2021 is made possible by generous support from The City of Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Council and Nordic Culture Point. Visitor program made possible by Swedish Art Grants Committee


This year we are collaborating with Stockholm University of the Arts, Danscentrum Stockholm and Lumination of Sweden. A big thank you to ccap and höjden.


Karina Sarkissova

Organizer & Curator

Karina works with choreography from several sides; dramaturgical, curatorial and other things related to context. She is based in Stockholm, with studies from School For New Dance Development and Dutch Art Institute. Karina is interested in the cultural and political body, and its locality. 

Pontus Pettersson

Organizer & Curator

Working in the expanded field of choreography and contemporary dance, Pontus' work is anything in-between fountain making and cat practicing to curating festivals and dancing. Where hospitality and temporality can be seen as two major choreographic and artistic principles, as well as more open fields of study such as poetry and water. 

Jonatan Winbo

Light Technician

Jonatan Winbo graduated from Valand Academy of the Arts in Göteborg 2009. In his work he explores aesthetics and concepts of reality. May it be enhanced reality, phantasmic reality or disturbed reality. He has been working as a lighting designer in the areas of dance, film, theater, art, contemporary circus, music and performance for many years in cooperation (to name a few) with Jefta van Dinther, Josefin Hinders, Tove Sahlin, Eleanor Bauer, Thiago Granato, Fever Ray, Yung Lean, KIKI, Cullberg, Silver Films, Mint, ccap,, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Corpus - Det KGL. Teater, Strindbergs Intima, and many more



Sound Technician

Em Silén is a musician/performer based in Stockholm, working under the name of rip ME. With a wide range of expressions, she explores different types of grooves and musical combinations. Em recently released Libido, a CD consisting of songs centered around modality and the electric bass. 

Emile Pineault

Production assistance

Emile Pineault (he/him) is a choreographer, performer, curator and cultural worker based in Tiohtiá:ke / Montreal. Through a multidisciplinary practice rooted in body-based research and performance, his work explores desire, sexualities and sensorialities. Bodies and objects mingle and become heaps of textures, shapes, sounds, vibrations, narratives and affects. He develops choreographies which oscillate between, on the one hand, messiness, clumsiness, and unruliness, and on the other hand, intense textures, exacerbated physicalities and a deep sensuality. He composes his creations like sensory poems and he uses duration and repetition to destabilize the relationship with the audience.

Michael Fowler

Graphic Design

Michael Fowler (he/they) is a Vancouver ex-pat currently pursuing a masters degree in Graphic Design at the Estonian Academy of Arts, which an undergrad in Interaction Design (Minor: SPACE/Social Practice and Community Engagement) from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in   Vancouver. Their design practice spans performance, sound art, generative design research; embracing absurdity and play as a means of investigating and destigmatizing queerness expressed through virtual communities and online roleplaying, worldbuilding.



Ana Barata Martins


Ana Barata Martins is a visual artist and videographer from Lisbon but based in Stockholm. Her practice is focused in essay-films, archive and field research, site-specific installations and textile printing. The main interests that inform her work are diverse such as post-colonial identity and healing narratives for colonial trauma, local folklore and ancient vernacular knowledge. She holds a MFA in Visual Arts from Konstfack. 

Michael Fowler
Vlad Kamensky
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